DRY Design Inc.
Lovelace Garden
Hermosa Beach, California
The owner of this landscape grew up in the Santa Barbara area with parents who were devoted organic gardeners. After building his own house and finalizing the ornamental gardens adjacent to it, he decided to develop a portion of his property into an area where he and his family could play and entertain others, and set up a working production garden, or farm, using organic principles he learned in his youth. 




DRY Design is a landscape architecture (CA lic. #4263) and design firm located in Los Angeles, California. We create innovative designs that blend modern aesthetics with sustainable practices for residential homes and landscaping projects. 
Sasha and John

Owners John Jennings and Sasha Tarnopolsky are both designers. John has his M.Arch from SCI-Arc and designs houses in unique locations. He is a fan of Japanese aesthetics, the natural world, reading and extreme hiking. Sasha is a Landscape Architect and designs gardens with a special focus on livability and native plants. She is excited about growing edibles, cooking, composting and figuring out how we can all live more lightly on the planet.